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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Browse frequently asked questions or get in touch with the team.

How to mint from my phone?

It is pretty straightforward, just download the phantom wallet app on your phone and open the Merov Pass mint page from the in-app browser.

How long it will take to receive my NFT?

It is a matter of few minutes if not seconds. Wait for a bit, refresh your wallet and you should see the Merov Pass appear. In case you have an issue on this matter reach out to us via our WhatsApp hotline. 

Is the Merov Pass number the ranking of my NFT?

No, Merov Pass are distributed randomly and so your pass number is not representative of your mint ranking.

When I have minted, what's next?

Awesome! Every evening the team is verifying new Merov Pass mints. If verified by the team, you will receive a welcome email with all details including the first steps to take advantage of Merov Private Club.